Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Week 2, 3 Updates

Hello everyone,

Hope we all had a great Christmas eve. For the past two weeks, I have been working on the first module of the project i.e, Feature Analysis. As discussed in one of the weekly meetings with the mentors Kate and Pierre, I have created a Spreadsheet to mention about the wording glossary that is currently being used in the Tasking Manager v1, v2 and in the HOT Website.

A lot of suggestions has been mentioned by the HOT community members. Thanks for providing with your suggestions. I need to discuss with the mentors before answering up the queries mentioned in the Spreadsheet. Link to the Spreadsheet

Apart from this, I have prepared a documentation based on the discussion as github issues marked with the label "homepage" for designing the mockups which will represent the front end design of the Tasking Manager Homepage. First, I have to get the documentation reviewed by the mentors before designing up the mockups, I hope to get this done probably in this week's meeting. I'll then request for the feedback from the community members on the mockups before working on its implementation.

This week, I'm working on the second module of the project i.e., Frontend Design (designing the mockups for the homepage of the Tasking Manager v2).

Wishing you all a Happy New year 2015 !!!

Best Regards,

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