Sunday, 14 December 2014

Week 1 - Started the OPW project

Hello everyone,

Many thanks to the OpenStreetMap community members for a warm welcome and cheering me up for getting selected to the OPW program to contribute to the OpenStreetMap project Improve the HOT Tasking manager homepage.

This project has been splitted into the following modules :-

● Feature request analysis
● Frontend Design (User Interface)
● Community feedback and discussions
● Backend Design (mostly for the database)
● Implementation
● Testing

I have already setup the development environment on my system during the application period and able to run the OpenStreetMap tasking manager application locally.

For the first few weeks, my task is to collect all the features that needs to be included for improving the homepage and then document all these features for designing the mockups. I'll then represent these mockups to the community for feedback and improvement.

I, with the suggestion of my mentor Pierre Giraud have marked all the issues present on github which are discussed for improving the HOT Tasking manager homepage with the label homepage.

Last week, I have gone through all the issues marked with the label homepage and currently, figuring out the features that needs to be involved for improving the homepage. I need to discuss more on which all features needs to be involved and focused with my mentor Pierre Giraud and co-mentor Kate Chapman.

This week I'll be continuing with the task of collecting all the features and will document them for designing the mockups. I'll work on designing the mockup as well in this week and will represent to the community in the next week for feedback and comments.

Cheers !

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