Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Week 2, 3 Updates

Hello everyone,

Hope we all had a great Christmas eve. For the past two weeks, I have been working on the first module of the project i.e, Feature Analysis. As discussed in one of the weekly meetings with the mentors Kate and Pierre, I have created a Spreadsheet to mention about the wording glossary that is currently being used in the Tasking Manager v1, v2 and in the HOT Website.

A lot of suggestions has been mentioned by the HOT community members. Thanks for providing with your suggestions. I need to discuss with the mentors before answering up the queries mentioned in the Spreadsheet. Link to the Spreadsheet

Apart from this, I have prepared a documentation based on the discussion as github issues marked with the label "homepage" for designing the mockups which will represent the front end design of the Tasking Manager Homepage. First, I have to get the documentation reviewed by the mentors before designing up the mockups, I hope to get this done probably in this week's meeting. I'll then request for the feedback from the community members on the mockups before working on its implementation.

This week, I'm working on the second module of the project i.e., Frontend Design (designing the mockups for the homepage of the Tasking Manager v2).

Wishing you all a Happy New year 2015 !!!

Best Regards,

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Week 1 - Started the OPW project

Hello everyone,

Many thanks to the OpenStreetMap community members for a warm welcome and cheering me up for getting selected to the OPW program to contribute to the OpenStreetMap project Improve the HOT Tasking manager homepage.

This project has been splitted into the following modules :-

● Feature request analysis
● Frontend Design (User Interface)
● Community feedback and discussions
● Backend Design (mostly for the database)
● Implementation
● Testing

I have already setup the development environment on my system during the application period and able to run the OpenStreetMap tasking manager application locally.

For the first few weeks, my task is to collect all the features that needs to be included for improving the homepage and then document all these features for designing the mockups. I'll then represent these mockups to the community for feedback and improvement.

I, with the suggestion of my mentor Pierre Giraud have marked all the issues present on github which are discussed for improving the HOT Tasking manager homepage with the label homepage.

Last week, I have gone through all the issues marked with the label homepage and currently, figuring out the features that needs to be involved for improving the homepage. I need to discuss more on which all features needs to be involved and focused with my mentor Pierre Giraud and co-mentor Kate Chapman.

This week I'll be continuing with the task of collecting all the features and will document them for designing the mockups. I'll work on designing the mockup as well in this week and will represent to the community in the next week for feedback and comments.

Cheers !

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Hello! Getting Introduced to the HOT and FOSS Community

Hello Everyone,

Firstly, I wish to introduce myself to the Open Source community. My name is Nitika currently pursuing computer engineering from India. My research interests lies in Algorithms, Data Structures, Programming Languages, Web Application development and contributing to open source software.

Being an enthusiast Open Source Software developer, I had applied for the Outreach Program for Women 2014. My happiness knew no bound when the much awaited results of Outreach Program for Women 2014 came out and I was elated to see my name selected for the OpenStreetMap organisation. I have no words to express my happiness for being selected for OPW 2014 internship.

I'm glad to inform you all that I’ll be part of the OpenStreetMap community and will be working on the project Improve the HOT Tasking Manager homepage under the guidance of mentor Pierre Giraud. 

My project is to  improve the current homepage of the HOT Tasking Manager, since it makes other projects (jobs) such that the last / most urgent ones (that often are the same) hide all the rest.

Looking forward to a great period of coding and fun…!!

Stay tuned for more updates...!!!