Monday, 12 January 2015

Updates on Week 4 and 5

Hello Everyone,

A very Happy New year 2015 to all of you...!

So, we have finalised the new wording for the various descriptions used in the HOT tasking Manager and HOT Website. Please see the below wording along with their descriptions:

Task - The work each mappers is asked to do. For example: map the roads and buildings.

Tile - The spatial units a contributor is asked to work on one at a time. Those units may be squares (grid cells) or arbitrary polygons. Each is expected to be finished in less than 2 hours.

Project - An area divided into smaller pieces (tasks). For example,

Program - Something with a specific goal, it might be related to a specific crisis or disaster preparedness project. For example, Ebola or Typhoon Haiyan.

Also, I have worked on designing the mockup for the HOT Tasking Manager v2 homepage, with the required features. The mockup needs to be reviewed by the mentors and has to be finalised before working on the implementation.

Though this a rough design and requires improvement after receiving the feedback from the mentors and the HOT community members, you can have a look at the mockup design for the HOT TM v2 homepage below.

In this week, I will be working to finalise the mockup design of the HOT TM v2 homepage and then work on the Backend (design mostly for the database) and after that, would be starting with the implementation.


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