Saturday, 21 March 2015

Week 14 Updates - End of the OPW Internship period

Hi All,

Since my internship was extended for one week, I would like to update you all with the work done during the internship period. Now I have added the user interface for the users to view the projects for a given program. There is also a programs page, where the users can view the list of programs, the programs page user interface needs some improvement. I then worked on to extend the unit tests so that a user is able to change the program for a given project.

So, now the projects program relationship is also tested and you can see the committed code here.

Currently, the user can see the list of programs, and can edit / create / delete program but only by the admin users. The user can see the list of projects for a given program. The admin user can edit the program name on the project page. If you would like to see this, then you can commit the code present in the test_code branch of osmtm-tasking-manager2 repository on my github profile.


During the OPW internship period, I have learnt a lot of things and gained experience as being a newcomer to the open source world. Thanks to my mentors Pierre Giraud and Kate Chapman.


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  1. Please share you project development experience also.
    as well as guidelines for others also, who are interested in Open Street Map projects for GSoC