Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Week 11 and 12 Updates

Hello Everyone,

We have started with the implementation of the Programs - Project relationship. Firstly, it took sometime for me to get started with the implementation and look at the code to figure out the things. Now, I'm working on the implementation to create Programs table in the database for the users to view the programs, then allow the users to edit or create new programs and even delete the programs. These features will be allowed only to the administrators users.

While working on the implementation part and testing the code, I'm still facing some issues and taking the help of the mentor Pierre, to resolve those issues.
The code that has been written is committed in the master and test1, test2 branches on my github profile. Please see link: https://github.com/NitikaAgarwal/osm-tasking-manager2/tree/test2

I wish to inform that during week 11, I was travelling for religious visit and hence could not work during that week. After that I'm working on the implementation part. To compensate and complete the work, I'm trying to devote more time in the next following weeks and weekends. I'm willing to work for few weeks on this project after the internship period as well.

I'll soon update you more on this !!


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