Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Updates on Week 13

Hi All,

Just to update you all with the programs feature associated with the projects, on which I have been working. For the Programs field relationship, we have got the below mentioned functionality implemented:

  • /programs - Programs page for the users to view the list of programs, here the user can create a new program by clicking on the "Create new Program" button which will be redirected to /program/new page. With the program listed, there is an option for the users to edit or delete a program by clicking on the "edit" page. Only the admins and project managers have the permission to create, edit and delete the program. 
  • /program/{program.id}/edit - When the user clicks on the edit button on the programs page, it gets redirected to this page so that the user can edit the program fields and then save the modifications. The user can also delete the program by clicking on the delete button.
I have created the unit tests for testing the creation of the program, editing and deleting the program. The unit tests for program are mentioned in the tests_program.py file.

Then I worked on creating the views for the program field and the templates for viewing the list of programs, editing a particular program. After performing functional testing and unit testing, I worked on the relationship between the programs and projects. 

Simultaneously with the above tasks, I worked on the migration scripts for adding the program_id column field to the projects table and creating a program table. 

Then, I worked on performing functional testing for the correct working of the projects program relationship. I have added an interface for the users to select the program associated with that project in the description block while editing the project. Only the admins and project managers have the permission to edit the project. 

Now, I'm working on the interface for the users to view the list of projects for a given program and will then proceed with the other functions i.e, requesting org and purpose fields. 

I'm still working on this internship project and will post on this blog with more updates. 


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