Monday, 2 February 2015

Updates on Week 7 and 8

Hello all,

Finally, we have finalised the mockups designs of the HOT Tasking Manager v2 homepage after taking into consideration the suggestions mentioned by the HOT community members on the github issue. Since it's not feasible to cover each and everthing during the OPW internship period, we have restricted ourselves only to the most important and basic features that are currently in need for the tasking manager.

So we have designed the mockups of the homepage. I still forgot to change the category "Your Projects" to "My projects", the correct one.

I have got an understanding of the backend design (mostly for the database) and still working on it. You can see more details here.

This week, I'll be working to finalise the backend design (mostly for database) for the display of projects after choosing the appropriate filter categories and also starting off with the implementation.


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